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Ionel Istrati (born on December 24, 1990, Chişinău) is a singer and songwriter from the Republic of Moldova.

Ionel Istrati was born in 1990 in Chişinău and two years later moved with his family to Ţîbuleuca, Dubăsari District (Transnistria). He graduated from the gymnasium and the school of Music from Dubăsari, piano and accordion department. From 2007 to 2009 he studied at the Modern Science and Technology Lyceum from Chişinău and beginning from 2009 Ionel Istrati continued his studies at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Faculty of Business and Management.

Ionel began his career in 1998 when he was only 8 years old. He was named”Privighetoarea nistreană” and also was compared to Robertino Loretti. He studied the accordion and piano at a music school from Dubăsari and at that age he has already been familiar with these instruments. His special voice, attire and perseverance brings him 4 Grand Prix and 16 First Place Awards  (including “Mamaia Copiilor”, Romania and “Утреняя Звезда”, ORT, Russia) over the next 5 years.

In order to advance in his career, he dedicated the next 4 years of his life to studies.

In 2008 Ionel launches his first video clip to the song “Poate” (Maybe). In 2009 he brings out a new video clip to the song “Uită-mă” (Forget me), which was very much appreciated by the audience.

In 2010 Ionel is involved in two major projects: “Fabrica de staruri” (Star Factory) and Eurovision Song Contest national preselection. Although the song presented at Eurovision ranked Top 3, Ionel had chosen the Star Factory project, where he enjoyed the public's appreciation. Later, Ionel has been eliminated from the project, but he was encouraged by Dan Negru when comparing him with Julio Iglesias in 1969.
Then, Ionel Istrati launches his first album and the song “ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ” (I love you). He becomes the image of numerous magazines, shows and meetings that make him the idol of young people from the Republic of Moldova.

In October 2011 he is involved in the international project “Vocea României” (The Voice of Romania). He has an impeccable benefit from Smiley and Marius Moga and the media presented him as the sexiest participant in the project. With a short involvement, he managed to impress the public and the juror with his voice, attire and talent.

At the beginning of 2012 he launches the video “Te caut” (I'm looking for you) with the involvement of the two very talented dancers from our country – Ionela Tăruş and Mihai Ungureanu, who are promoted by the singer, as this is one of the most viewed videos in the music history of the country (over 45 million of views).
The video “Eu numai numai” (Only, only) is also launched in 2012 – the most popular song in the history of music, that is listened by people of all ages. It is the first parodied video to which the singer reacted in a positive way. It was awarded with all the possible prizes from the Republic of Moldova. The song was also awarded with Mamaia Music AdwardsRomania in 2013.
Ionel becomes the most beloved of the Earthlings due to this song that is popular in both countries, Romania and Moldova. The song becomes famous even in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States or Western Europe.

In February 2013 Ionel launches the song “Одинокo” (Lonely), that has a huge success in the country. It is among the first Moldovan videos broadcast on TV stations in Ukraine and Russia.
In December he launches the song “Wake me up”, that has been awaited by many fans. The most well - known Moldovan model, Xenia Deli and the miraculous landscapes from Maldives brought over 8 million views. The bold scenes, however devoid of vulgarity, give a modern and qualitative style to the video.
Randi, an artist with a wonderful international career is the author and the backing vocalist of the song. The video clip had been filmed in 4K quality and turned the singer into an international star. The song was ranked in the top position several months. This song is broadcast by all radio stations, without signing a music contract with any record labels. It becomes the most broadcast song of the year, according to Media Forest Moldova.

In the winter of 2014 Ionel launches one of the most lyrical songs- “Dor de mama”. This song has an emotional impact on the Moldovan soul, that is why it becomes the best video clip from Moldova. This project involved Andreea Marin- the most recognized star and TV presenter, Eugenia Butnaru -  a talented actress from the Republic of Moldova and Nata Albot- a well-known journalist. This is a short movie with a profound message of tenderness and emotion of kindness.

In the winter of 2015 Ionel launches the video “БЫТЬ С ТОБОЙ” (To be with you), filmed in a rustic location, with a lot of funny moments. It is an easy song with the participation of two actresses from Russia. The protagonists and the places from Moldova, including Dubăsari and Cimişlia became famous due to this song.

Beginning with this year, Ionel refuses to participate in broadcasts, thus avoiding media and focusing more on creation. Therefore, the artist presents himself in a dimension of aristocratic life, avoiding scandals or challenges of the yellow press.

Ionel organizes hundreds of concerts in the country and abroad.

In 2016 the artist makes a tour through the largest cities from the USA, Russia, Greece, France, Italy, where he has great success. Thus, moldovans that live abroad had the chance to hear the songs of the talented artist. Ionel is involved in numerous charitable projects, where he promotes music and the possibility of young people to show how talented they are.

In 2017 he launches the most extravagant video of his career “Кто Я Есть” (Who am I?).  It was filmed in Arctic territories, with scenes from the forgotten times. This video is recognized as the most expensive video produced by a moldovan singer as the borrowed equipment exceeded half a million dollars. Despite everything, Ionel wins the trophy “Video of the year 2018” which has millions of views. The award was given by Valeriu Jereghi, who called him “a great talent”. This is a very qualitative work in which the artist exceeds himself: an impeccable voice with creative dance and a professional directing.

In 2018-2019 Ionel focuses on concerts in the country and abroad by promoting music and good attire. He is rewarded with great love from the public as young people consider him a symbol of perfection and realization. Ionel begins his work on an impressive project for the year 2020 and at the same time succeeds to launch a single in Russian, “По ночам не спится” (I can`t sleep at night), accomplished in collaboration with Smiley HaHaHa Production Team.

In the summer of 2019, he is a special guest at “Славянский базар” (Slavianski Bazaar) together with big stars such as Sofia Rotaru, Soso Pavliaşvili, Nadejda Kadâşeva and others. He presents the republic with a lot of dignity through the famous song “Eu numai, numai” (Only, only), being broadcast throughout all the CIS countries.

Ionel is highly appreciated by national and international stars. For example, Ion Suruceanu calls him one of the most talented young artists in the country, with a special attitude towards any song. The media considers him a wave of overcast energy and a modern artist. Ionel Istrati is one of the most beloved singers in Moldova and every award represents his true value.
Being a perfectionist, Ionel contributes with ideas and work to his attire and music. With his strong voice and positive rhythms, the artist becomes a story crowned by the praise of success, always prepared to capture the new contrasts. Beautiful lyrics and good melody is all that he needs in order to be able to become the best friend to his audience.

In 2020 Ionel prepares the result of a 2-year work, a song in collaboration with Grigorii Leps ' team, which is expected to be the artist's most qualitative creation. The clip will include the world-class model (...) and the inspiration of his team with “Spoială Brothers”.

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